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Вигриянов М.С.

Author: Michael Vigriyanov


The combustion engine ( C.E.) , which had successfully(?) forced the steam piston machine out of the historical stage in the end of the last century, came to the limit of its development. From the beginning of this century the countdown of time started. A combustion engine of any construction has got a devastating defect in its own substance. Combustion of fuel mixture is happening in the operating cylinder.

Maximal temperature rises up to 2200 degrees Celsius. Steel materials can’t stand such temperature, ceramics don’t allow cylinders to have necessary filling of weight. So fuel mixture burning may only be in squeezed space of a combustion chamber, because of its walls, which are intensively cooled. That’s why the fuel being on the inner wall surface doesn’t burn. It is called ‘an attached to the walls effect’.

All the combustion engines without exception have got the same defect.

Why is it so bad? The fuel burns incompletely and it reduces the coefficient of useful effect. Besides, harmful gases are generated here (CO and No). And that is more important: from 30% to 40% of heat energy from burned fuel is usually lost during the cooling process. The coefficient of useful effect is reduced again.

We must also say about explosive substance of burning and therefore about the explosive influence the details of transformation energy mechanism. That’s why working resource of a combustion engine leaves a lot to be desired. Pay attention to the fact: when talks about new constructions of combustion engines start, the question about the resource immediately appears. Working resource is an ill subject of a combustion engine. There is another minus in this engine. It’s the whirling moment description. Maximal whirling moment is 3000-3500 turning a minute. So CE can work getting speed up to definite turnings. Some power resource is necessary for the specific use of CE.

Steam piston machine has no these defects. Nowadays there are a lot of scientific achievements in power engineering: heat durable materials, supercritical steam parameters, means of control and management. It’s time to stimulate the steam piston machine, to lift it to the top spiral of technology and pay it our respect. It is necessary for the steam piston machine to equip it with new resource of heat energy which has been asking to its place for a long time.

It is said about a new burning device I have been working at for 15 years. The point of Russian patent №2219435 is that two natural substances (Carbon and Water )meet and enter chemical reaction under the temperature 1000-1200 degrees C after the formula H2O+C=C+H2. Gas mixture CO and H2 is water gas discovered by the professor Felitsy Fontain (1700-1805).

During a year I have been measuring the energy of burning device and I only used water and solar oil. The measuring was being done with a hand-made calorimeter which had the space of heat change 5,5m2 and water 240litre. This work has been paid by my friend Pavel Victorovich Kiselev. I appreciate his help. Experiments showed, that heat energy getting by water of calorimeter is 1,5 times exceeds the energy in burnt solar oil. There were a lot of critics. It helped to notice some nuances in measuring technology. Harmful wastes have been also measured by L.M. Pakhomov – a professional in this field. May his memory live forever. The results : space apartment – 90 sq m, time-18 minutes, power of burning construction working with water and solar oil -9 kilowatt , temperature rose from 20,6 C to 32 degrees C ( CO-1mg|m3 andNO-30mg|m3. CO2-1,6 %). There is an official report of the test.

Let’s count the coefficient of useful effect of this steam piston machine. We get 100% heat energy after burning out all the fuel. Water adds 50% more. So we get 150%. Now let’s count looses. Inasmuch as we use 10% of getting steam, an unused part of the steam decreases from 50% to 45%. Consequently, 82% leaves from 150%, when we started. After counting looses for an exhausting and mechanical looses 25%, 57,5% left. It’s the coefficient of useful effect quantity of the introduced steam piston engine.

Steam generator of this engine is like an overheated volume cavity. It has no a surface of boiling water which could say about size of the device. Water is injected to the inner surface of the engine under great pressure. The temperature of the walls is held by a high temperature torch. As for thermal conductivity of the metal, it grows due to the rising of temperature. That’s why great power can be transmitted through the same surface. It leads to the diminution of design dimensions.

So a new steam power design is being offered.

What is it? It’s a well-known and many years used work piece with a new burning device which needs over-heated water steam to work. Why?

  • For instance, in transport it could change combustion engines which kill people by harmful wastes;

  • For economical use resources of the Earth.


  • The top coefficient of useful effect.

  • The greatest resource of work.

  • The least harmful wastes.

  • An ideal hauling description.

  • Low price.

  • Opportunity to work with any rich in carbonic fuel and with oil wastes, food industry wastes, coal dust and water coal fuel.

  • Noiselessness

  • Vibration absence.

  • The least quantity of using parts.


  • Water freezing

  • Slow start


  • Energetic construction of less power can be used in cottages, garages, work-rooms an so on, for autonomous production of heat and electric energy.

  • Autonomous technological equipment (hydro and pneumatic set-up)

  • Vehicles

Real power can be twice reduced for such employment. 30 horsepower is quite enough for a 700kg car, counting necessary whirling moment for the wheels of the engine with started speed. After that it will be possible to throw out not only the transmission but power electro generator as well. The same about power electro-engine, super condensate, a lot of electro technical parts which are not only very expensive but they are heavy and difficult when setting up and use. After that the car will be rather light, safe and, what is more important, in will be cheaper. We know that reasonable prices are the main indicators of popularity with people.

It is possible to win the world with such a car!

With best wishes

Michael Vigriyanov

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